Check Fraud Special Report

How to Protect you Customers by Deterring Check Fraud

The National Check Fraud Center ( reports that check fraud has increased at an alarming rate in the United States. One form of check fraud known as "check washing" has been increasing dramatically and cost business owners and individuals more than $815 million every year.

What is "check washing"?
Using common household cleaners and chemicals found in every home, perpetrators of the fraud engage in a process known as "check washing". Simply put, they use common chemicals to literally wash away inks and toner on checks resulting in blank checks that they can rewrite! They can increase the amount of the check to any number they wish and make the check out to anyone they wish.

See YouTube video link demonstrating this process: (2.13 minutes)

Types of chemicals used:
Acetone (paint thinner) will erase most inks from a stolen check without any noticeable effect and is an excellent drying agent after the check has been washed.

Benzene, Bleach and other solvents such as clear correction fluids are also used.

We are able to PROTECT you from check fraud using the security features listed here.

Check Paper 24# MICR Bond
Check 21 Compliant - Meets and exceeds ANSI Check21 Legislation for electronic check imaging

Thermochromic Padlock Icon - Heat reactive ink that fades when rubbed briskly
Microprint Signature - Line of type visible under magnification

Check Warning Borders - Alerts financial institutions that security features are present
Padlock Icon - Identifies security features present on document

Security Backer (full length) - The words "Original Document" fade or even disappear when copied or scanned
Colored Check Background - Check Pattern and color are difficult to duplicate

Fluorescent Fibers - Yellow fibers visible under black light
Chemical Reactive Paper - Special check paper that produces a stain when alteration is attempted with chemical or bleach

Toner Adhesion - Unique coating bonds printer toner to paper when run through a laser printer: Prevents lifting and altering
True Fourdrinier Watermark - Watermark built into the paper at the mill. Can not be duplicated

Copy Alert Void Pantograph - ODT hidden word technology makes the word "VOID" appear when copied or scanned. Check21 compliant
SecureTouch Pantograph - Check background changes color when rubbed briskly to verify authenticity



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